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Alicia’s Pet Grooming Welcomes You with Open Paws!



Helping fur babies feel their best one paw at a time ♡

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Meet Your Groomer!


Hi! My name is Alicia, since I was young I’ve absolutely loved animals! I started grooming in 2015 and it's been my dream to open my own salon! Now I have the opportunity to share my love of animals with my clients and pet owners! I do my best to provide a calm, quiet, stress free environment for your fur babies with private grooming - which means no walk-ins and no over lapping appointments. I'm so thankful for all the support throughout the years that made it possible to make my dream come true!

Alicia - Owner/ Dog/Cat Groomer


Jalyn has been grooming going on 5 years now and is the most amazing person inside and out! Her compassion and gentleness with animals only makes her that much more of an awesome groomer! Her warm yet bubbly demeanor captures the love and trust from all her clients! Check her out on IG @_groomsbyjalyn
Book with her today!

Jalyn - Dog Groomer


Nicole has been grooming since 2021 and has groomed anything from cats to bunnies to dogs! She started out as a salon manager in a local grooming salon. Her sweet personality shines with love for your pets through her hard work and dedication. Check out her IG @grooming_by_pinkie
Book with her today!

Nicole - Dog/Cat Groomer


Aviela is one of our sweetest groomers! You can tell by talking to her she knows what she's talking about. Her attention to detail and gentleness with the dogs makes her an amazing addition to our team! Check out her IG @groomzbyavi
Book with her today!

Aviela - Dog Groomer


Victoria is our amazing receptionist dipping her toe into the fun of dog grooming! She is our bather on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She's your girl if you're looking for a good bath, brush, and nail trims!

Victoria - Receptionist/ Dog Bather

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Dog Full Haircut / Bath Pricing


Shampoo & conditioner, blueberry facial, nail grinding, ear cleaning/ plucking, fluff blow dry, brush out, dirt repellant leave-in conditioner spray, bows or bandana, and cologne.

Prices are subject to change due to condition of coat.

$85 / $55

5 lbs & under

$90 / $60

6 - 19 lbs

$95 / $65

20 - 39 lbs

$100 / $70

40 - 59 lbs

$105 / $75

60 - 79 lbs

$110 / $80

80 - 99 lbs

$115 / $85

100 lbs +

Starts at $100

Micro Doodles (Under 19lbs)

Starts at $115

Mini Doodles & Poodles & Cockapoos (19-39lbs)

Starts at $125

Standard Doodles & Poodles & Cockapoos (40-69lbs)

Starts at $130

Extra Large Doodles & Poodles & Cockapoos (70+lbs)

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Dog Packages

I use the highest quality products to guarantee the best care from sensitive skin to crazy shedders!

Basic Package

Included with all grooms and bath appointments

  • Hydra shampoo & conditioner - type of product will be determined by conditon of skin and coat i.e. oatmeal, whitening, extra dirty, hypo

  • Blueberry face wash

  • Best Shot Ulta Max quick dry spray

  • Hydra finishing spray

Add Teeth Brushing for $8.


Deshedding Bath

$15 - $40 Add-on

  • iGroom deshedding shampoo & conditioner

  • Blueberry Face Wash

  • Extra brushing

  • Bandana

Add Teeth Brushing for $8



Add onto service separately

  • Clean Face $5 - $10

  • Clean Feet $10 - $15

  • Teeth brushing with spray $8

  • Flea & tick shampoo $7-$17

  • De-Skunking Shampoo $7-$17

  • Opawz hair dye $15+


Hair Coloring

Semi-Permanent Dye

Semi-Permanent Opawz dog and cat hair dye lasts about 20 washes. I have 7 bright vibrant playful colors to choose from!

  • Purple

  • Hot pink

  • Baby pink

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Green

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Cat Pricing


Short Haired Basic Bath


Short Haired Deshed Bath


Long Haired Basic Bath


Long Haired Deshed Bath


Long Haired Haircut W/ NO BATH


Long Haired Haircut
W/ Basic Bath


Long Haired Haircut
W/ Deshed Bath

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Cat Services

Haircut Styles

  • Full shave

  • Lion cut

  • Guard comb trim


Basic Bath

  • Shampoo (oatmeal or hypo)

  • Ear cleaning

  • Nail clip

  • Brush out


Deshedding Bath


  • Loosens undercoat

  • Prevents hairballs

  • Moisturizes dry flakey skin

  • Long lasting clean scent


Stand Alone Services / Add-Ons

  • Nail clip $20

  • Brush / demat $15 (per 15 minutes)

  • Ear cleaning $5


Exfoliating Degreaser Shampoo $10

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Contact Me!

Please get in touch if we seem like the right groomers for you and your pet! We look forward to hearing from you!
We typically respond quicker to texts.

16165 Monterey Road Suite 107

Morgan Hill, CA, USA

Hours: Monday - Friday   8am - 5pm

             Saturday                9am - 2pm

Call (408) 612-4324

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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  • Pet owners are required to provide proof of current vaccinations.

  • We will not provide services for puppies or kittens under the age of 12 weeks.

  • We will not accept pets who are pregnant or in heat.

  • Appointments usually take no more than 1.5-3 hours. Please be courteous and able to pick up your pet in a timely manner so appointments do not overlap.

  • Matted pets will be charged for time of dematting and/ or brushing.

  • Flea & Tick shampoo will automatically be added to dogs that come in with fleas to prevent spreading.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY - We offer appointment reminders through text, email and/or phone.  You will receive a confirmation reminder 5 days and the day prior to your appointment.  It is ultimately your responsibility to reschedule your scheduled appointment if conflict arises. We understand and sympathize with illnesses and family emergencies but we cannot be responsible for any last minute cancellations or no shows. We require a minimum of 24 hours during business days for cancellations, day of cancellations will result in 20% fee and no shows 50% of the cost will be due. 

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